Thursday, February 9, 2012

Air Itam Dam (Empangan Air Itam)

Papa Lee had wanted to go to the Air Itam Dam with the family for a while now after hearing about it. I guess he wanted to discover more options as a place for Che-che Lee (2.5yo) to use up her energy besides the few parks that we frequent. Now that the latest Baby Lee is 2 months old, we decided to venture into the unknown one fine evening. Mama Lee was secretly excited as Papa Lee had somehow hyped up the place.

We were brave enough to go near the Kek Lok Si temple a day post-Chap Goh Mei, the last day of Chinese New Year. It was also a public holiday for Thaipusam. I guess we just wanted to go somewhere.

The drive up was steep. There were a few times Papa Lee wondered if our Alza will be able to bring all four of us all the way up! Mama Lee also had to feed Baby Lee as the pressure began to build up in our ears on the way up. The roads are narrow with cars zooming down on the next lane! Yikes! We finally made it up and discovered that the place has limited (very!) parking so we had to park along another steep road! Mama Lee was paranoid walking downhill with Baby Lee in a carrier!
View on the way back
Honestly, the view was breathtaking! There are tarred roads along the way and we noticed a lot of cyclists (who cycled all the way uphill!!), plenty of exercise enthusiasts hiking the numerous routes, some families with young children and a couple with a stroller. There is a small playground with 2 out of 4 usable swings and a slide with one portion cordoned off like in crime scene to prevent a small foot from accidentally stepping into the hole. Hmm... Other than that, Che-che Lee enjoyed spending time with nature spotting things like the giant ant or the waterfall around her.
Quenching her thirst
We did not notice any toilets in sight so nappy changing will have to be in the back seat of the car though we are pretty sure there must be one around. Breastfeeding will take place in the car too to prevent a heat stroke! ;-P I also wonder if there is a learning centre for children so they can know more about what a dam is and what is it for etc.

Meanwhile, we can safely conclude that we will not be back there till the kids are much bigger. Don't let this deter you from bringing young children there for a good sweat out and to enjoy the serenity of the place though.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Welcome Baby J!

The reason why we have been MIA on DP!
Baby J Lee was finally delivered safely and naturally on 30 November 2011 at Tanjung Medical Centre weighing a whopping 3.75kg! (I blame it on the Penang food!!) He was still feeling all warm and fuzzy in there and had to be induced out 6 days post due date. It was a relief when all that weight was taken away and then whizz! boom! bang! and he is now already two months old! Time flies when you have a baby to care for, and even faster when you have a toddler as well!

Amidst all the nappy changing and sleepless nights, the Lees have still managed to take a breather away from the endless laundries to discover more of Penang again including places like the brand new Gurney Paragon and Precinct 10. Only problem now is to find the time to blog about them! Anyhow, do stay tune for more!

Pssst... btw, did you know that Mickey and friends will be visiting Penang in March? Check them out here!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Discovering Penang!

It has been a year since the Lees started blogging about their discoveries in Penang as a young family. Although we took a break off (due to morning sicknesses and what nots!), we are still very keen to share our amazing journey with you, especially together with a new addition to our family, Jr Lee, soon!!

Meanwhile, here is a big thank you for visiting our humble blog! Stay tuned!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Charlie Brown Cafe Penang

The first and only Charlie Brown Cafe in Malaysia finally opened its doors on the 9th of April, 2011 in Straits Quay, Penang. The popular Peanuts cartoon-themed cafe finally reached our shores with other branches located in Korea, Hong Kong, China and Singapore. It seems many have flocked to the cafe to have a closer look and take tonnes of pictures with the well-loved Snoopy, Woodstock, Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus and the rest of the gang.

Since it was Baby Lee's birthday two days ago, we decided to pay Charlie Brown and friends a visit as we were sure that Baby Lee will love it there!

Approaching the entrance of the Charlie Brown Cafe
The whole cafe is adorned from floor to ceiling with all the characters from Peanuts!
This way!
No one can resist a picture with Snoopy and Charlie Brown!
One section of the Charlie Brown Cafe
Souvenir Shop
On display but unfortunately not for sale! Ishh...
The cafe is huge and divided into different sections with different layouts - sofa seats, private rooms, casual rattan chairs... Overall spacious enough to maneuver buggies and for kids to run amok. Baby Lee made herself at home by lying and climbing all over the empty sofas!

All was well till we came to the food bit.. The ordering system was chaotic to begin with. We had to order from the counter with no proper menus for us to look at before our turn to order so there was a long queue as everyone waits for their turn to view the menus, consider what to order, make the order and pay. It would be better for them to have a big lighted up menu signage like those in McDonald's or Kentucky Fried Chicken if they want to consider this system so that people in queue can decide on what they want to order while waiting.

Be warned that the menu is not extensive and definitely overpriced! For three mains, two drinks and a dessert, our total bill came up to a shocking RM85.15!! Well, to be honest, for its novelty and since it's a birthday celebration, we didn't mind paying but to pay that much for sub-standard food is unacceptable.

To start off with is the Mini Chicken Burger we ordered for Baby Lee. It is also the most expensive item we ordered. It is served with salted fries and some carrot shreds on a slice of lettuce. The two Mini Burgers are tiny. For RM16.80, the burger is not even a real burger patty but just half a slice of chicken ham fried in a teaspoon of egg resulting in some hard-textured 'patty'. Sandwiched between two buttered halves of wholemeal bun are the ham, a slice of lettuce, a slice of tomato and two half slices of cucumber in a little mayonnaise. I kept thinking that Baby Lee could have made the burger herself! The only thing I would give credit for is for them using wholemeal buns instead of processed white buns. Even then, the buns felt kind of stale.

Mini chicken/beef burger RM16.80
Two quarters of hard ham, a slice of tomato, lettuce and cucumber
Next is Papa Lee's Jumbo Chicken Hotdog again served with quite salty fries and carrot shreds on a slice of lettuce. Papa Lee said the sausage simply doused with tomato sauce and mayonnaise tasted as though it just came out from the freezer. The wholemeal bread was hard as rock though I must again give them credit for using wholemeal.
Jumbo chicken/beef hotdog RM15.80
 My Drumstick Chicken with Coconut Rice was probably the most value for money. A good whole thigh served with green (pandan???) coconut rice along with half a hard-boiled egg, deep-fried anchovies and peanuts, papadum and sambal. We decided to let Baby Lee have the coconut rice and chicken together with her slices of tomatoes, cucumber and lettuces instead.
Drumstick Chicken with Coconut Rice RM12.80
 Although serving size is good, they skimped on the sambal. Half-way through my meal and there was no sambal left. The chicken, though almost charcoaled on the outside, is surprisingly still red inside. Another disappointment. 
Still bloody inside though almost burnt outside!
We also paid RM10.00 for each drink. The Mango Juice is actually just mango syrup. Papa Lee's Apple Mint comes with some green liquid which presumable is the mint flavour. We ordered a cheese cake as an additional little birthday cake. The Lucy Lavender Cheese cake is probably the only good thing that we ordered. Rich in cheese and with sprinkles of real lavender decorated with a pretty purple ribbon and an image of Lucy on white chocolate. Would have preferred it to be a little lighter but it does taste pretty good.
Lucy Lavender Cheese RM12.00 and Mango Juice RM10.00
Coloured mint flavour in Apple Mint drink RM10.00
We actually brought our 'concerns' up to the manager and hope that they took our 'complains' constructively. We honestly have our reservations to go there again for meals. Maybe desserts and drinks or if someone is willing to buy us dinner! Sorry Charlie Brown. We still love you!

Michael Learns To Rock Penang!

MLTR is coming to town! We were debating hard whether to go or not and how to arrange for someone to babysit Baby Lee. Decided in the end that we will give it a miss :(

The MLTR World Tour Live in Malaysia 2011 will be held in the Penang PISA Stadium on 22 April as well as in KL and Kuantan later. They will be presenting some old favourites (remember Sleeping Child, 25 Minutes Too Late, That's Why (You Go Away), The Actor, etc.??) as well as new releases.

Should you decide to go, the event is organized by Star Planet and tickets for the MLTR World Tour Live in Malaysia 2011 are priced at RM323 (VIP), RM223 (PS1), RM163 (PS2), and RM103 (PS3).

For tickets, call Star Planet 03-92233667 or TicketCharge 03-92228811 or go to TicketCharge's website.

Penang Hill's new train service to start Monday, fares announced

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Published: Thursday April 21, 2011 MYT 3:26:00 PM

GEORGE TOWN: The new Penang Hill funicular train service will be open to the public from April 25.

Penang Hill Corporation director Datuk Lee Kah Choon said the train will run for charity for the first six days until April 30.

"For a contribution of RM10 (return ticket), you can enjoy a 10-minute ride on Penang Hill's new funicular train.

"The proceeds from the charity sale of tickets will be channelled to the Penang State Welfare for donation to the underprivileged identified by the state government," said Lee, adding that children below the age of 12 years could enjoy the ride for free during the period.

Lee was speaking to reporters in a press conference here Thursday to announce the new train fares effective May 1.

For Malaysians, the fare for a return ticket is RM8 per adult and RM4 per child aged between three and 12.

Senior citizens will enjoy cheaper fares at RM4 per person.

The ride continues to remain free of charge for disabled persons holding the OKU card.

Also unchanged are the fares for Penang Hill residents, licensed traders and hawkers and workers, who can purchase monthly season pass at RM24.

The blue, air-conditioned Swiss-made coaches, capable of ferrying up to 100 passengers at one go, will run every half hour from 6.30am to 9pm daily.

The new RM73mil system replaces the 87-year-old funicular railway, which was closed in February last year.

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Island Park Restaurant - Assam Laksa

Finally a yummilicious assam laksa that is located just 15 minutes from where we currently reside! Funny how it took us so long to chance upon Island Park Restaurant situated just directly opposite the Chung Hwa Confucian High School. We have been back numerous times just for the assam laksa as this is one of the better tasting ones around. Given the location, taste, and price (only RM2.50 per bowl!), it is a sure winner with us and chances of bumping into us there is definitely quite high now. The well balanced sweet and sour soup is rather thick which is a sign that a good amount of fish is added into it. On top of that, every bowl is served with a dash of my favourite bunga kantan (torch ginger)! Mm mmm.... Now, all we have to do is wait for the verdict from Grandpapa Lee when he comes visiting next! Meanwhile, we’ll continue to enjoy it!!

Besides assam laksa, the newly renovated and comfortable Island Park Restaurant also house a vast number of stalls that serves curry mee, Hainanese chicken rice, economy rice, Hokkien mee, lam mee, chee cheong fun, wan ton mee, and lots more though we are only usually there for one dish! Parking is not usually a problem here too. Island Park Restaurant definitely scores three thumbs up with the Lees!

Island Park Restaurant
38 Tingkat Tembaga
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